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Andreja Salpe and Filip Polski make BarumBarum an electronic duo from Macedonia. Althrough they played together in band some time, as an electronic sound BarumBarum is established in Skopje, 2017. BarumBarum is electronic dance music with influences of world music evolution. It's organic, played live with a lot of instruments combined, like synths, guitar, bass guitar, tamboura, harmonica, P.C. etc. BarumBarum in artistic formless way seeks for the place where the beauty and love are triggered to exist. We want to give away altered states of being and sharpen the visualization of the sound, we want to achieve the groove which is a fruit of two vibrations mixed. The groove didn't existed before we created it and starts to exist in the present moment and for all. We want our music to heal and be regenerative. With intent to make the being in perfect body equilibrium, our quest is to achieve groove from all the vibrations in the present moment.


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Skopje, Macedonia
Email: barumbarum.official@gmail.com